Bike rental in Sisimiut

Explore our destinations and wonderful Greenlandic backcountry by mountain bike.
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Explore the Arctic Circle region and wonderful Greenlandic backcountry by mountain bike. It is without a doubt a great way to explore our destinations, their surrounding nature and terrain by bike. A bike is a great way to quickly get to the beautiful panoramic views and still have time for more arctic adventures. There are marked trails with views that take your breath away if your bike ride does not. Our receptionists are happy to point out the routes for you, or find one on your level.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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Hiking in Sisimiut

Hiking in Greenland is to immerse in nature and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of mountains and icebergs. Explore many wonderful places with freshly brewed coffee in your backpack.

Flying over Nuuk

Flying in Greenland is spectacular – you will see tens of thousands of lakes in the mountains, gushing rivers, deep fjords, and ice sheet glaciers transforming into giant icebergs right under you.
Photo: Malgorzata Borkowska

Northern lights in Nuuk

Greenland is a country of natural wonders, where the sun never sets in the summer and during the winter the sky is decorated with dancing lights, gently reflecting from the fresh snow.

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