Culture of Aasiaat

Learn about the life and traditions in Ilulissat.


Immerse in the atmosphere of the authentic, absolute and enchanting Aasiaat. Aasiaat is Greenlandic fourth largest town known for example for its annual marathon run under the midnight sun every June.

Hotel SØMA is closely tied to welfare work for seafarers and fishermen. In Greenland, and Aasiaat without exception is fishing still one of the main occupations and we will start our tour by exploring the local harbour. Here you will find the local fish market where locals present their catch of the day or work on repairs and maintenance of their ships. Our journey will stop by the Aasiaat museum, settled in a former Governor’s house, with its fine selection of traditional kayaks and sled. You will also see Aasiaat church with a big ship hanging from the ceiling, as is a tradition for danish church.

To see the modern part of Greenland is just as interesting as the historical. Aasiaat also offers something to art enthusiasts. You can see paintings by danish artist Per Kirkeby in the Community Hall, or just take a walk through the town and explore its many beautiful murals.


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