Ice fishing in Aasiaat

Fight your way through the thick ice and wait for your dinner to come, just as Inuit did for hundreds of years.


Who says that a dining experience must have a white tablecloths and polished cutlery? Catch your own dinner through a hole in the ice of the frozen sea, just as the Inuit have done for generations. Fishing is very traditional in Greenland and especially in Aasiaat that lies on the shores of the Disko Bay. Ice fishing is a very traditional way of providing food and it makes a very authentic experience

A local guide will take you to one of his good fishing spot and will help you cut a hole in the frozen sea. Enjoy the absolute silence, the arctic colors of the sky and the fresh air while waiting patiently for your fish. We will pack a snack and a warm beverage to enjoy while you wait for your dinner to catch. You can enjoy your freshly caught fish for dinner, we will prepare it for you with fries and salad in our cafeteria.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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