Kayak tours in Sisimiut

Explore the Greenlandic waters in kayak, just as inuit did for hundreds of years.


Kayaking is a very authentic way to explore Greenlandic waters. The word itself comes from the inuit word qajaq which stands for hunter’s boat. Naturally, you will not hunt anything in a kayak, only enjoy the beautiful view over the colorful towns and waterfront.

It does not matter whether you have tried kayaking before or not. You will get all the necessary equipment to paddle in the Arctic waters, and locals in the local kayak club will give you a brief introduction to kayaking. Then it is time to get in the water and do a few paddle exercises before moving further out. The view is incredible, especially during the winter when the colorful houses really stand out against the snow.
We’ll spend about 2 hours in the water at a pace that suits everyone in the group, before heading back. Do not miss this opportunity to learn a little more about our culture and traditions mixed with a fun ocean ride along the colorful coastline of Sisimiut, book your tour today!


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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