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Experience three worlds of dining from catching your own fish to classic restaurant fine dining.

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Our three worlds of dining

Even dining in Greenland is to be enjoyed as a unique experience. Our philosophy is to combine three very different worlds of dining to suit your needs, while giving back to the community.



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Catch & cook

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SØMA restaurant

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© Jesse Brinkman Evans, Visit Greenland
Visit a capital city unlike any other in the world. Experience the fusion of traditional inuit culture with modern influence, surrounded by breathtaking Greenlandic nature.


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Our responsibility

Cafeteria & social

Our cafeterias in Nuuk, Sisimiut and Aasiaat are well known by the locals as a meeting point where you can socialize and get good food for an affordable price. Our cafeterias represent our core values which are to support and protect local communities and fishermen.

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Catch and cook

Nothing connects you more with nature than the experience of catching your own dinner! Local captain will take you to his favorite fishing spots around Sisimiut while exploring the surroundings. It is pretty easy to catch cod even if you have never fished before, so do not worry – you will not go hungry. You can choose to be involved in the process of cleaning and fileting a fish or leave it in the hands of the captain. Our chef at Hotel SØMA will prepare it for you for dinner, served with fries and salad.

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