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Visit the heart of Greenlandic nation.

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Traditional. Modern. Impressive.

Visit us in the heart of the Greenlandic nation and experience a modern twist on greenlandic culture. Hotel SØMA Nuuk is located a short walk away from the city center, museum area and the shore.


Marinevej 3
3900 Nuuk
Postbox 102

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Experience Nuuk

Randonee skiing

Your skis are equipped with special ski skins so you will not slip climbing up. Once you reach the top of the mountain ridge, it will feel like reaching top of the world.

Air safari

Enjoy the amazing panorama over harsh Greenlandic landscape.

Cross country skiing

Experience a piece of Greenland on ski.

Northern lights trip

Greenland is a country of natural wonders, where the sun never sets in the summer and during the winter the sky is decorated with dancing lights, gently reflecting from the fresh snow.

Helicopter trip

Flying in Greenland is spectacular – you will see tens of thousands of lakes in the mountains, gushing rivers, deep fjords, and ice sheet glaciers transforming into giant icebergs right under you.

City walk

Explore the secrets of greenlandic cities, from spectacular architecture, murals painted by local artists to best spots to enjoy breathtaking views over the sea and mountains.

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Tradition with a touch of modern

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Visit a capital city unlike any other in the world. Experience the fusion of traditional inuit culture with modern influence, surrounded by breathtaking Greenlandic nature.

Make yourself at home in Nuuk

Choose the level of comfort you need. All our rooms are well equipped to make your stay as relaxed as possible.



Single & double rooms

Standard Plus

Single & double rooms


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SØMA restaurant

Our restaurant concept is a new addition to the Nuuk culinary scene. It is a place to come to during an ordinary Tuesday evening or to celebrate a big occasion. Our restaurant opens for dinner service every evening at 17:00. All food is made from local greenlandic ingredients prepared in french style.

Call us at the below number today to book your table.


lounge sisimiut

Enjoy arctic pampering in the heart of Greenlandic nation

Explore hand crafted souvenirs to take home a piece of Greenland

Take a moment to relax after your adventures

Places where important decisions are made

Stay close to the city with the view over the mountain ridge and harbour

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