Which Greenlandic destination should you visit this summer?

Our hotel directors and arctic guides share the best of their destinations.

It can be hard to decide which adventure to embark on to get the best of your journey to Greenland. To help you make an informed decision we have asked the experts – our hotel directors and arctic guides about what is worth experiencing in their destination this summer.


Celebrate the icebergs
Visiting Ilulissat and its world-famous icefjord is for many people a must when planning a trip to Greenland. Ilulissat is one of the few places where the icecap reaches the sea. That is why we recommend simply celebrating the ice when visiting Ilulissat. Make sure to visit the Icefjord centre to learn more about the icefjord and how it has helped scientists to understand climate change. Do not miss the chance to go on an Icefjord Cruise to get close to the icy giants and take take some fantastic photos as they glisten under the arctic sun.

@borkowska_trippin’, Hotel SØMA


Enjoy the water
The town of Aasiaat practically lies on water. ¨The waters around Aasiaat are rich with plankton and krill during the summer. This means that a lot of different whale species are passing by. You can spot them from land – but it is even more amazing to experience these great animals by being in a boat on the sea. You get a chance to see hump back whales, bow head whales or minke whales as they swim and play near Aasiaat¨ explains Lisbeth Hansen, our hotel director in Aasiaat, as she recommends to try our sea safari tour. Another great and authentic adventures she recommends to our visitors this summer is kayaking and fishing from a boat.

“Greenland is the homeland of the kayaking tradition which goes back a thousand years. The hunters would train balance and strength during the winter and at summer they went on seal hunting and foraging. Today the kayak is used mostly for sports, and the archipelago around Aasiaat is an obvious place to experience the freedom of kayak paddling. ”

Lisbeth Hansen, Hotel Manager in Aasiaat


Explore the mountains
According to Manumina, our arctic guide in Sisimiut, this summer is the right time to explore the mountains that surround Sisimiut. She recommends hiking to Præstefjældet to enjoy the panoramic view over the whole Sisimiut, or to Tele-øen where you can explore old Inuit ruins. For the more ambitious hikers that hike the Arctic Circle Trail, Hotel SØMA prepared a recovery package.


Get to know the capitol of Greenlandic people
Nuuk has the atmosphere of a big city and yet it is so different from other european capitals. Explore the city to learn and understand more about Greenland and its people. We also recommend you come by Restaurant SØMA to relax after the city walk, and taste our seasonal menu, celebrating local Greenlandic ingredients with a modern twist.

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